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Official VFW Licensed Vendor - Trusted Partners - Quality Products VFW has partnered with Arrow International to offer gaming tickets to your post with the trademark protected VFW logo. Arrow International is the AUTHORIZED manufacturer to produce and distribute pull tabs & jar tickets with the trademark protected VFW logo.

There is no additional charge for VFW Posts to purchase VFW logoed games, when you purchase VFW logoed games through your local authorized pull tab and bingo supply distributor. Arrow International donates a portion of the proceeds to the VFW to assist veterans, military personnel and their families.

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Because of the variety of laws and regulations in different states, Arrow International cannot be held responsible for the legality or the use of any products in this catalog or on our website. It is the responsibility of the buyer to determine which products are legal in any given area. Please check with your local licensing authorities for more information.

pull tabs and jar ticket


How to read a

Payout Example

  • 1 TICKET PRICE: The price the players pay per ticket (varies per game).
  • 2 FORM NUMBER: Manufacturer's ticket identification unique to the game and payout.
  • 3 TICKET COUNT: The total number of tickets in the deal or set.
  • 4 TOTAL MONEY: The total amount of money that would be taken in if all of the tickets were sold in the deal.
  • 5 WINNERS: The number of winners at each specific payout level.
  • 6 PAY OUT: The ideal payout tells the exact amount that game will pay out in prize money.
  • 7 IDEAL PROFIT: The ideal profit shows the amount the game will make once all the tickets are sold and winners are paid.
  • 8 PAYBACK: Percentage paid out to players in winnings.
  • 9 SETS PER CASE: How many individual deals or sets are packed into one case of tickets.
  • WIN RATIO: The ratio of winners per number of symbol combo. For example, 1 in 12 in winning symbol combination is a winner.
Example of a Pull Tab Payout

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A pull tab is a game of chance made out of a paper card with perforated break-open tabs, the inside of which is covered or otherwise hidden from view to conceal a set of numbers, letters or symbols, some of which have been designated, in advance, as prize winners. Pull tabs are commonly known as tickets, break opens or charity game tickets. Pull tabs are also know as instant bingo tickets, break-opens, tear-offs, pickles, cherries, lucky 7’s, peel-offs, bell jars, Nevadas or club tickets.


A gaming ticket printed on lightweight paper, folded and held by a strip of colored tape, containing numerals or symbols. They are usually sold in a jar or container thus the term “jar ticket”. These were the precursor to pull tab tickets.

Jar tickets are much smaller than pull tabs and do not allow enough room to list the prizes, so a flare or point of sale promotion piece accompanies the tickets. This flare describes the game and denotes the winning payouts.


The prize amount, in dollars or percentage, paid out to the winners of pull tabs & jar tickets.


The small boxes/bags inside a case of pull tabs & jar tickets. The case may be packed two deals or more per case depending upon the manufacturer or the number of pull tabs & jar tickets in the deal. A deal is a separate game or series of pull tabs & jar tickets tickets with the same serial number.


The sheet inside the deal box which shows the complete breakdown of each deal. The payout sheet details the prizes in a pull tab game and is turned into the state regulatory group.


The front of a pull tab ticket.


The reverse side of a ticket face that reveals the various symbol combinations when the tabs or windows are opened.


The black and yellow seal on each deal of pull tabs & jar tickets is the NAFTM (National Association of Fundraising Ticket Manufacturers) seal. This seal means that the pull tab has been produced to meet standards set by the association. If this seal is broken, the box could have been tampered with and should not be sold.


A heavy paper card used in the play of pull tabs, jar tickets, tip boards and coin boards. It contains a seal or seals which, when removed or opened, reveal predesignated winning numbers, letters or symbols. These pull tab games include instant winners, and further the chance to win using “hold” tickets. Once the box of tickets is completely sold, the game operator opens the seal(s). The player holding the number that appears under the seal will win the indicated prize.


A progressive game is a seal card game with a designated jackpot that, if not won, is carried forward and added to the jackpot of the subsequent deal(s) of the game until the jackpot is won.


A style of pull tab game in which the purchaser of the last ticket in the deal automatically wins a prize. This style of game helps sell out the entire deal because there is an incentive to purchase the last ticket.

About pull tabs & Jar Tickets

“Our pull tabs & jar tickets are the highest quality in the industry!...”

We offer a wide variety of unique ticket themes; large, easy to read, full color symbols and exciting graphic designs, all of which instantly grab the attention of the players.

Currently, our VFW logoed product is part of the JAR-O'-DO branded line of products, made by Universal Manufacturing, a division of Arrow International. Arrow International is an active member of the National Association of Fundraising Ticket Manufacturers (NAFTM). Being a member of NAFTM ensures compliance with exacting standards of quality and security in the production of charity game tickets.

Official VFW Licensed Vendor - Trusted Partners - Quality Products

Product Mix in pull tabs & Jar Tickets

Critical to the success of your sales!

Successful operators will ensure they offer a balanced product mix of 25¢,
50¢ and $1.00 tickets. 25¢ and 50¢ tickets should be featured for the following reasons:

25 cents and 50 cents pull tabs & jar tickets offer. Longer play and more fun!
A $20 bill buys 80 quarter tickets or 40 fifty cent tickets. Tickets with price points less than a dollar offer your customers extended play.
Offer some games that have lots of prizes less than $5. Research shows your players will spend their winnings instantly on more ticket purchases.
Use a variety of differently priced tickets – 25¢, 50¢, $1.00. By offering lower and varied price points, you attract new players.
People love to see winners and when games pay, people play.
Players like to try new things! Offer new games, designs and payouts as a way of encouraging repeat business.
Understand your customers and make sure you have the right product to meet their needs. You may have to try several “recipes” to get the mix just right.
Always ask your customers if they would like to buy pull tabs & jar tickets with their winnings or with their change from other purchases. Plan your sales table close to busy traffic areas.

Reasons Charities Sell pull tabs & Jar Tickets


Pull tabs & jar tickets are a form of entertainment and add to social interaction within an establishment.


Pull tabs & jar tickets can generate as much as $200-$1,000 profit per deal for your club!

Fast Return

This is a great way to make money for your organization in a short period of time.

Engaged with Several Games

Players enjoy having a variety of gaming activities to choose from, especially within the same establishment.

Group Setting

People enjoy playing pull tabs & jar tickets in a group along with the entertainment it provides.


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